Monday, January 13, 2014

blooming. . .

“I always notice flowers.” ~  Andy WarholAndy Warhol's Party Book

a mum from a hot house bouquet 

daffodils from a pot forced to bloom 

a rose on my deck waiting to be pruned

she wonders 
which would she choose for her life?
fresh cut and beautiful; short lived but stunning
beauty forced to bloom with false cold 
and simulated darkness
or would she choose 
to just quietly wait, all brittle and looking like death
 for her season of rest to pass
and then put on a magnificent show

oh my, monday already,


  1. stunning images and brilliant poetry....and I love how you keep reinventing your blog. it's gorgeous.

  2. Beautiful images, so nice to see all this color...a sight for sore eyes! And this lovely poem is a wonderful accompaniment.

  3. Nice post. Photos are great. I imagine you always have fresh flowers in your home. I try to have them. I gave up coffee at the drive up window and decided I could have fresh flowers instead. I love the trade off.

  4. This soothed me, to see the flowers. It's so grey here today. I may need to look at these more than once....


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