Saturday, July 5, 2014

this week in my garden. . .

“I pat the brand new twenty-seven inch Macintosh computers Mr. Foley brought us. 'These boxes alone should make both of us scream like it's Christmas morning! Snap out of it. Santa came! Now we get to play with all of our toys!” 
~ Anne Eliot

I have two questions for you today; and I would appreciate your input. One I have brought up here before. . . 

First off let's talk books, fiction books. In the last couple of weeks I have started this and this and this. The first one I bailed on, the second one I read, but mostly skimmed and the third one I did read, but it was an effort. I am trying to be green and checkout books from the library, but I know there are good ones out there.  I am not in the mood for anything too heavy or sad or sappy. So can you help? 

I have been reading a couple of fun cookbooks. Plenty by London's Ottolenghi and The New Midwestern Table by Amy Thielen. 

The second question I have has to do with computers. I currently have a nice big monitor I plug into my laptop. I have talked before how my photos look a bit different on each screen, and while this bugs me it does not bug me enough to get an expensive calibrating program. I like the photos best on my big screen and the colors seem true to what I print, when I print something. 

And the reality is, I have have no idea what others are looking at my photos with. I have one friend who never reads my blog on anything other than her phone. So I go by what I like best. 

But here is the conundrum. . .  everything goes along just fine and then suddenly, when I export a photo it is all washed out. I will go back and export it again and once this happens it happens to every photo I try. I talked to lighroom about it and they feel it is the plug-in. It is me plugging my laptop into the other monitor. Now doesn't this sound strange? I use to do this all the time when I taught school. I plugged my laptop into a device that would project it onto a screen so the kids could see it. I would use it all day long and nothing happened. 

But I tested it and sure enough if I unplug the monitor, exit lightroom, reboot my computer, open up lightroom on just my laptop, the photo exports just fine. At this point I could also plug in the monitor and it would export okay for the next dozen or so photos, but then it would happen again. If I don't plug in the monitor at all it does not happen. 

So here I am thinking about a new computer. A big Mac. A desktop. One with a nice big monitor and made just for photos! One with lots of ram. . . 

Now let us remember I am not a professional photographer. But this is my passion, my main hobby.... and I will be 60 next month. What do you think?????? What do you use and if you have a Mac are do you have problems? I know nothing with technology is ever perfect, so speak up! 

this is what is blooming in my garden right now, 
and i ate both the berries. . . 
thanks in advance for you input!


S. Etole said...

I have a MacBook Pro laptop. I haven't used LR so afraid I can't be of any help. Always enjoy your photos though.

Kate TerHaar said...

Can't help with your computer question but have some books for you to check out. I haven't been reading a lot but in the last couple of months I have read and enjoyed the following.
Delicious by Ruth Reichl
Eleanor and Park by Rainbow Rowell
The Last Letter from Your Lover by JoJo Moyes
Me Before You by JoJo Moyes
The Promise of Stardust by Pricilla Sibley
I will be interested on your thoughts on these books if you read them.

Viv@within the Frame said...

We are a MAC house and I have to say it is wonderful. No probs about security and PS and LR work fine. The family computer is an old mac which seamlessly links up with my macbook. I use a MAC mini and a large Dell monitor (works out cheaper than complete package) and Mark has put in 8GB of RAM and I use an EHD for all my photos and digital work.

As far as reading material anything by Karen White and Cathy Lamb or if she is published in the States Erica James, her last 2 books The Hidden Cottage and Summer at the Lake are great...

terriporter said...

I don't comment here often, although I read every post. But this post made me come straight here after reading it in my email. If I were a Mac user and in your situation, I would go and get the big 27" desktop NOW. Every time I pass it in the store, I want to take it home with me but the change over from my PC to a Mac daunts me and I stay where I am. Someday, though, I will do it.

So, I think for your birthday you need to go get that big Mac. I know you will love it! As far as books go, I haven't read anything great lately, so I don't have any recommendations but I too try to be green and not buy too many actual books but get them on my Kindle instead. The problem with that is that when I do read a really great book, I can't loan it to someone!

Sorry to be so long winded. Probably should have sent you an email instead!

Are you using a laptop because you go back and forth between two houses? You are doing the right thing by using a big monitor and not trying to edit photos on your laptop. The laptop screens aren't reliable as far as color goes and what you see there may not print the same or be what other people see. As far as calibrating, my monitor isn't calibrated but like you said, what I print looks the same as what I see on my screen so I figure I'm fine.

terriporter said...

Weird, but the paragraphs in my comment are rearranged! The "Are you using ..." paragraph should have come second. Guess that will teach me not to be so wordy!

Electric | Journal said...

Sounds like a bogus conclusion by Adobe. It might be an issue with Lightroom. Adobe has been under a lot of criticism related to PhotoShop and Lightroom recently. It might be worth some Internet searching on your specific issue, and perhaps read some of the forums. If it's a recurring problem, Adobe may be working on a solution.

Katie said...

I used to have your work flow: lap top plugged into the monitor. I loved the convenience of being able to unplug and go plop down on the couch with my laptop (my back begins to hurt if I sit at my desk too long), but just this summer, Meg needed a new laptop and was interested in a Mac (she's always been a PC girl), so I gave her my laptop, took over my husband's Big Mac desktop (he prefers a laptop and already had one) and haven't looked back since. Sometimes my photos look a bit wonky when I upload them to Facebook or someplace else, but I've never had enough of a problem to really worry about it. Like Viv said, Macs are wonderful, never a problem with them. I think you'd really like a Big Mac. ; )